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EuroJackpot number analysis

The default lottery number analysis is being performed on the latest results. Please adjust according to your needs.

Analysis of EuroJackpot (5/50) numbers selected

Analysis & diagram of the most recent 100 EuroJackpot numbers

How to interpret the general statistics of the selected EuroJackpot numbers:

  • Nr. = this column shows the numbers being analyzed.
  • S.L. = how many draws have passed since the number was last drawn.
  • Freq. = the frequency of the number during the last 100 drawings.
  • L.D. = The date when the number was last drawn.
  • The diagram on the right of these statistics highlights the cell corresponding to the draw — going backward chronologically — in which the number was drawn.

EuroJackpot number performance over the last 100 draws

EuroJackpot – analysis of number performance

Table analyzing how many times the selected numbers contained the EuroJackpot winning numbers during the last 100 draws.

5 winning numbers:
4 winning numbers:
3 winning numbers:
2 winning numbers:
Draw date Winning numbers Hits
2021-01-22 38 40 41 46 48 -5, 4, 3, 2, 1-
2021-01-15 46 -1-
2021-01-08 38 -1-
2021-01-01 38 46 -2, 1-
2020-12-11 41 -1-
2020-12-04 40 41 -2, 1-
2020-11-13 38 -1-
2020-09-25 46 -1-
2020-09-18 40 -1-
2020-09-04 38 -1-
2020-08-28 38 41 -2, 1-
2020-08-21 46 -1-
2020-08-14 48 -1-
2020-07-03 48 -1-
2020-06-19 38 -1-
2020-06-12 48 -1-
2020-05-22 40 -1-
2020-05-01 41 -1-
2020-04-17 41 -1-
2020-04-03 40 41 -2, 1-
2020-03-27 41 -1-
2020-03-06 41 -1-
2020-02-28 38 -1-
2020-01-24 48 -1-
2020-01-03 41 -1-
2019-12-13 38 -1-
2019-11-22 38 -1-
2019-11-01 40 -1-
2019-09-20 41 48 -2, 1-
2019-08-30 46 -1-
2019-08-23 41 -1-
2019-08-02 38 41 -2, 1-
2019-07-26 46 48 -2, 1-
2019-07-12 40 -1-
2019-07-05 48 -1-
2019-06-28 38 -1-
2019-06-21 41 -1-
2019-06-14 40 41 -2, 1-
2019-06-07 38 -1-
2019-05-24 38d> -1-
2019-05-17 46 -1-
2019-04-26 38 -1-

EuroJackpot pair performance over the last 100 draws

EuroJackpot – analysis of pair frequency

For the selected EuroJackpot numbers, these are all possible combinations of two numbers and their frequency (how many times they were drawn) during the last 100 draws.

EuroJackpot number analysis with performance analysis of the latest EuroJackpot numbers and pairs.

I pick 6 7 8 and 12 13 34 on each draw every day. I won 9 times in 2019 and today. Recommend betting same numbers every day.. £1 or 2

It’s not the same UK49 I been used to know, something is happening behind the machine

I think it’s a scam I never won anything for the past two years

This 49’s totally scam. I got experience since 2002. First of all they aren’t putting all 1 to 49 number balls. Better don’t play this game

I think it a good game for as because we benefit a lot from this game thanks

Of course, it isn’t rigged. It’s the same as the lotto, pure luck. Any number combinations can fall. You could do it every day for the rest of your life and never win a penny or win 3 times on one week, which I did two years ago on 3 numbers including the bonus ball all from 2 pound stakes. Three 800 pound wins. I’ve not won since. Its pure luck and it’s called gambling. If we could all win all the time, no one would go to work, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Stop moaning cause you haven’t been lucky. Only bet what you can afford to loose, then if you loose its not an issue, if you win happy days. It’s not a scam its just luck. Also for all you miserable lot out there, just to cheer you up I got 4 numbers on the lotto hotpicks last year as well, 13k haha. Good luck x

Kinda think it’s a scam the once 6 numbers repeated lunch n teatime only difference was the bonus ball….so errrrrr not sure but I did win£7500 4 numbers £1:50p..

Today, same three numbers in both draws… last week same 4 numbers… def an electronic scam… more often low or middle numbers bunched together. Not a fun game any more. Bring back 49s Bingo..15 yrs ago.

they have banned it in the US so ban it over here it is a scam 15 30’s came out yesterday out of 6 impossible done it for 5 years won 3 times. scam scam don’t touch

Totally agree with John. Look at today’s numbers. 4 the same in each draw. Unreal. Scam!!

Why does the draw time differ not at the same time just says they doing samething this lottery should not be allowed ripoffs they are

I have spent thousands chasing my numbers that never or rarely come in. Back 4-5 years ago identical number including the booster ball accept for one number were identical in two consecutive draws……now this just wouldn’t happen. I think the numbers could be rigged.

Ok, I have to comment here.

Do you guy have any idea how difficult and time consuming it would be to rig every draw for the lowest amount of payouts??

It’s ridiculous. Plus the Gambling Commission must have audited it. And why would top name bookmakers risk losing their license hosting a bent lotto?

Here’s an idea for everyone crying scam.

Sit and work out the true odds of hitting two numbers, three numbers and four numbers.
Then see if you can work out why they don’t need to “cheat” anyone.

Honestly people seemingly gamble like crazy without even a basic understanding of statistics or variance.

With regards to your e-mail. It’s a scam so don’t talk nonsense as numbers don’t come out the way they do so it’s a profiteering scam as look where the company is based . LONDON. Politicians have their fingers in the 49s scam no doubt as it doesn’t take a genius to work it out so get a grip company man and do not insult people’s intelligence

Andrew. Do you not know of computerized systems that are instantaneous? Look at today’s numbers. 3 the same and 4 the same as yesterday!!

Yes yes yes the 49s a joke they are ripoffs I got into it about 8 months ago first 4 weeks I won some money all in all about 400 then it went downhill when they knew I was hooked I spent 30 and 80 a day on two draws kept chasing my numbers when I got pissed off I skipped the next drew and there my numbers come in that happened a lot or to me put numbers to come in my usual they are scum robbing bastard iv stopped playing
BUT HAVE STUDYING THEM THINK PEOPLE SHOULD STOP PLAYING THE 49S THEY SCUM they definitely do something to them balls way them down or something

49s what to say same weeks back I waited for the last min to put my bet on and waited to see the results but no results at the time they should be results showed up way late so why 49s did I have all 6 numbers you guys are scum I think the press needs to know that there are a lot of people not happy we work hard for ower money same times we try ower luck but with people like you that think you can rob people blind you just scum one day you all answer for it iv played this crap for a long time thinking my luck will change not knowing everything is fixed sleep nice bitchers

The amount of numbers in the 40s is a joke! Because horse racing is basically finished bookies coining in on numbers. The 49s, the daily millions, Irish lotto. All rigged to produce high percentage of 40s. For gods sake give punters some chances. Don’t keep it all.

If it’s rigged (and most things involving a computer are) then why not write your selections on a plain betting slip and hand it over in the final 30 seconds before the draw closes.
That way your numbers will not be in the computer (bookies cashiers are too slow to enter them manually before the draw happens) and can’t be used to manipulate the putcome should you pick 4 numbers at 31 to win £10,000.

It’s totally rigged..I have been playing 3 numbers for last 6 moths and both draws ..only one day in second draw
I got in to betfred to get my ticket but I missed the draw by 10 seconds and guess what my numbers came ..f*** sake how is even that possible? Proper fixed and rigged

Every draw shown live, all results shown online. What could be better?

This 49s is beginning to annoy me now. How many times can someone always get 1 ball short? I’ve put more than enough money on this rubbish. About time they start giving back.

Betfred Ex-Tech Guy

The game is completely rigged, the numbers are put through a computer system, which is hooked up to chains of betting websites and shops – the draw is not live it is pre-recorded on the day prior to the draw.

The computer will pick out a number combination for the lowest possible payout overall.

Avoid at all cost – one of the UK’s biggest scams, banned in the US.

If the draw is pre-recorded, then they can’t legislate for late entries! They don’t have to pay out, the bookies do!

If you’re good at spotting patterns you can definitely have some success when playing the 49s

Well 2 out of 3 again last night. This long wait for my first ever treble continues. ? Anyone have any tips on where I’m going wrong?

This lottery is terrible, I noticed someone put a review up saying that the numbers at tea time are always higher or lower than lunch time by 1. They are spot on with that.
Been doing it on and off now for 17 years and never had a treble. Lost track of 2 out of 3 tho.
Also been doing the Irish daily millions and also think that’s fixed.

Could anyone confirm that??

Disgraceful the 49s as it’s a fraud 100 %. Every day numbers in multiple of 1 come out like 1 and 2 or 3,4,5 for example so clearly a profit making government scam. DO NOT BET ON IT.

All those so called 49s constant winners are ?

You pay you play I have won on three draws in one weekend 3 numbers on the 6 ball

I can hundred of percents to tell, 49s is not one of the world, but must be the most fake, scam and fixed lottery in the world! And the 49s team is more like a big brother group controlling their bet players. Cherish your money, cherish your life, and be far away from 49s!

Once again the rip off 49s team have fixed the balls today 31st July ‘ i needed 5- 6- 12- 13 so in the lunchtime draw was 5- 12-13- and in the teatime draw out came number 6 ‘ what a surprise ‘ absolute fix..

I win on the 49s every now and then i have won twice in 4days on 3numbers and got £2400 my biggest win was £3000 I accidentally put a £5 on 3numbers it was £601 then I know a couple of people who have won big one bloke won £51.0000 for a £6 bet and the other bloke won £12.500 for 25p he got 5 numbers he put his usual numbers down for his wife 11 22 they did not come out he had 25p left over. Just to get rid of 25p he put any 5 numbers down on slip and they came out that is the truth I have had lots of 3 numbers wins but never 4 I’ve been one number above or below to get the 4 it just happens you win or don’t win a pensioner won £9000 for a £2 bet on 4 numbers 7number draw she didn’t know that she won. Gary

Absolute con. I’ve been doing it for years. Never ever won, never even been close to getting 2 numbers. Despite putting 10 lines on every day. Defo only pays out when they have their profit. Going to give this the swerve now.

My boss has won £5 stake on 3 numbers lucky dip £651 x £5 prize on three occasions in an 18 month period. 6 ball draw teatime. I, on the other hand, have played every day and only ever managed to get 2 numbers £56 return from £1 stake. It is a lottery and numbers can behave at times in some weird patterns however I’ve seen big wins. I am still waiting for mine and good luck to you all.

tonight’s draw what a fix 5-6-7-8-9 and bonus 10 lol so dodgy its a joke.

Con. End off. Allways the same thing 34,35 and 1,2 for example on the 1st draw then 35,36 and 3,4 on the 2nd draw for example and it’s happening every day. The game should be banned aa it not a lottery. When you go into bookies you see the so called live draw and you see a tombola rattling balls around but when they come out you don’t see them fall into the slot from the tombola as you just see the balls fall into the slot from a different camera angle

Done well on 49s had some big wins

Once again it’s fixed! Tonight’s draw 16th May 2019 same 3 numbers came out both draws 36 44 47 what are they playing at?

I can tell every one of you, 49s is a fixed, scam and fraud game, never a real lottery. It’s the truth.

It is fixed’ I needed 10 15 23 41 ‘ what came tonight! out 10 15 24 41 every time its a number below or above’ and out of all my sets of numbers a few months ago I put 6 lines of 4 numbers always the same ones ‘ but the one set I forgot to put on were this set above’ and surprise surprise ‘ they came out that day ‘ would have been a nice £4000’ try telling me its not fixed.

seen too many funny goings on with 49s-one time lunchtime and evening results exact the same-how come?? contacted 49s but evasive answers-SORRY I THINK 49S IS FIXED TOO- RUN BY BIG BROTHER GOVT!!

This is the worlds most fake and scam lottery, actually it’s not a real draw lottery, but a fixed game of getting your money, the draw numbers are arranged by themselves after their computer analysis instead of random machine draws. Be away from this fraud game.

How weird – already been 3 times – the day I put the bet – 49’s broke down – no results available! Oh great – please can I watch live then . Eeehhh struggling to find option – feels bit dodgy – do they pick combinations for results that need to pay out least. Or else.

It’s absolutely scam. Two many pretended players, maybe just by one of their staff using different names online, try to give others a false impression of luck for their computer based and fixed, fraudulent lottery draws, and keep trapping more ppl into purchasing this fake 49s lottery.

how on earth can it be fixed? as you can pick any single number or 2 numbers or even 3 or 4? if your numbers haven’t come out in nearly a year that’s unlucky not fixed
I sometimes go 6-9 months without winning but have won £2100 with £3 on 3 numbers lost count how many times i’ve actually won but hell of a lot more than i’ve put on

I believe this is a scam, how on earth you guys would not display the result and this mostly happens when you believe you got all the number right? I believe this is the time for me to move on

Easy to criticise the game when you don’t win. I’ve won on 3 balls numbers most weeks. Sometimes nothing.
It’s luck. Not a scam ..if it was I wouldn’t win anything

It is a con now, I used to win 3 or 4 times a year with my same 3 number’s up to Nov 17, not won anything? Since then nearly 17 month’s ago, then you will get 2 or 3 number’s you want out of 4 in the first draw and the one you needed in the second draw, happened loads of times, it’s fixed ‘ then there are odd times when nearly all the same numbers come out in both draws total scam getting like Camelot, maybe it’s now the same company!

These people are cheating big time, I used to win and since November 18 nothing. I wonder how they screen numbers, think they target individuals whom they know good in calculating, cowards!

It is a scam today numbers have been out a few times in the last week also 6 10 11 have not been out together in a year single numbers are short on the ground it used to be good but now its a fiddle and they know we know i don’t think it will last much longer its bent i have mailed them almost every day on this issue they just laugh it off its not fair on the punter do they think we are stupid it too dangerous to go out to bingo so a little flutter is welcome but not when they rip you off they had a site on FB but it was run by idiots who predicted they removed the comment button

The most fake, fixed and scam game manipulated by computers and softwares in the world. 49s is a cheating bet draw and never a genuine lottery with many of their promotional members online.

I have had some two number wins and also a 3 number win since starting it during the last month. If you have a spare fiver. give it a shot you may be pleasantly surprised. Considering I got £76 for a 4 ball number win + 1 x bonus ball on the Euromillions and £441 for a 3 number bet on 49s It speaks for itself.

I think this is a fair draw and simply a game of chance! There are a lot of bad losers out there who think if they don’t win it’s a scam! I’ve been lucky a few time’s especially on 2 numbers and hopefully carry on winning a few quid now and then. ?

I can guarantee, 49’s lottery is a scam. It’s being analyzed by machines and draw numbers are not from real draws. Fixed and pre-arranged. I have tested this lottery for a long time. I know it very well. The big winners are from themselves. No one can win much except their own company staff. It’s a complete scam lottery.

Think of it this way, 49’s give you the results I believe the other reviewer that the least bet on Permutation of 7 numbers is displayed. If more people ditched birthdays for higher numbers over 31. You will see more delays in results. It must be a scam 49’s cannot afford to payout multiple winners.

50p you can win 350 and have done a few times play for fun small stakes sometimes you win

Have won some good money.
Most was 12K.
People who don’t win say it’s a scam. If it was I wouldn’t of won as I have.
Good advice is to use the same numbers.

It’s a total scam as look at the way the numbers come out. 123, 456 etc etc etc as numbers don’t land like that in a regular manner. The regulator needs to step in or just ban it as it’s robbery

Scam, they only pay out the lowest prizes no one wins thousands only few hundred if that. Machine looks for the smallest payout fixed.

Fed up of 40 number coming out nearly every draw. There was 4 of them tonight. 3 the same as lunchtime draw. Fix.

My opinion the 49s is amazing. I can bet as much or as little as I want up to 2 times a day. I can go into 99% of betting shops and bet on the 49s. I’ve only been playing for about half a year and already won a decent amount of money from small stakes. Just like any lottery, it’s luck, but with the 49s I feel more in control and it’s so much easier to place your bet at the stake I want to put on.

Of cause its a scam, always has been, seen some shockin results on this, was back in May or June, both draws were all the same numbers except for 1, out of 7 numbers, in my book for that to happen you got more chance of bein struck by lightning, lol

Michael De Souza

I have been trying to contact the 49s on their website now for about three weeks. Every single time when I have typed my message and press SUBMIT, I get a reply in red saying “Looks like something went wrong please try again later.” They have taken one site down where the numbers for the whole month used to be displayed on one page. (49s And Irish Wed. & Sat).______Michael.

Sad, bitter little people that are crying because your numbers ain’t popped out yet! I’ve won a small fortune on the 49’s over the years. Don’t gamble if you can’t afford it.

Was watching the 49s today in bet Fred and number 10 came out twice. Then all of a sudden the first number ten that came out changed to a number 13 how is this possible 10 was the 6th ball and also the bonus, then as I said the six one then changed to 13. Dynamo was it you?

49’s lottery is a pure scam. People should stop wasting their hard earn money on it. Governments should also ban.

The 49s is fixed how can you have a cold ball that’s drawn say 4 times in a month then its out about say 15 times the following month this happens with every 3 cold balls. Number 22 was a cold ball just watch it come out about say 5 times within say 8 days same as hot balls you cant have balls come out 20 times in a month with a cold ball coming about out 4 times a month this happens all the time I follow numbers they havent been out in nearly 2 years.. I have followed them for 4 years now they have been out 3 times. Before 4 years ago they came out about 4 times a year until I started to bet on them, you see they cant draw them out until there is enough money in the kitty to cover there bets once there is enough money to cover my numbers then they will come out. This is criminal what they are doing its fraud they are making millions of punters, is this run by the government is that why they are getting away with it. The 49 machine is all a set up to con people out of money. I have watched this happen for 4 years now I can read it like a book number 7 is a cold ball just now just watch when it comes out you will see what I mean.

If I’m going to play lotteries, then I want to play for real. Not just betting. This site sounds really confusing.

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UK 49’s Exposed — Bookies, Betting and Winning

UK 49’s Review

Okay, this one was weird. 49’s Ltd. is not so much an online betting site but a website to link into bookmakers in the UK for betting on various games. explains their games and publishes the results, and provides locations where players can play. It does look like they are planning to go live through the site but not right now.

Getting Started at 49’

Again, don’t expect (at this time) to be able to place your bets directly through the’s website. It does say on their home page, “Sorry! Our new website will be up and running as soon as possible!” so I guess they do plan on offering betting on their games direct. Not sure how long this process will take, but for now, each game directs players to a bookie in the UK for play.

49’s Ltd and their Games offers five games to bet on – 49’s, Irish Lotto, Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Greyhound Racing, and Rapido. Our initial impression is their website is set up to encourage bookmakers versus clarification on the games mostly as the only explanation on how it works through their “Brand” menu.

More on their Games

49s is played twice a day (lunchtime guessing at noon-ish and tea time around 16:49 GMT), seven days a week, with players choosing three numbers. Players have numbers 1-49 to choose from. The draw itself pulls six balls plus the booster ball. Rapido is a little bit more confusing as various options depending on what you want to bet up to pick 10 numbers. The draw itself involves “lozenges” from 1 to 80 with twenty numbers drawn. It is played a morning daily.

Virtual Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing

Note the word virtual here. Each virtual horse or greyhound has odds identified, which go into the number of assigned balls to each racer. A “random number generator” calculates 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down to the last. Betters can experience the game at their local betting shop. It looks like there is one race a day, and they emphasize that no races are canceled due to bad weather.

Irish Lotto Betting at

Last but not least is betting on the official National Irish Lotto. This takes place twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday) with 3 draws each day. It looks like they pay out on nailing three numbers, though it could depend on different bookmakers. Customer Service

This online betting site is registered in Wales & England with a post office box in London. 49’s Ltd. also has an email address but no telephone number, online form, or live chat. Keep in mind; you can’t play through this site at this time. Players are directed to talk to their local bookmaker for more information, especially what they can win. It’s not a surprise then as players have to be from and in the UK to play – oh, and 18 years or older.

The Bottom Line at 49’s Ltd.

Though winning is winning, this is a betting site with products that have been developed and operated by – this is not your standard lotteries, and don’t look for those mega jackpots.


Some Thing to Do at Lunch Time

Collect Your Winnings As You Play – we think received 59 reviews with an average rating of 2.3. Read 49s reviews before registering and consider what lottery players say about it. ]]>