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January 9, 2021

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Let’s be very clear. The officials urging for no serious consequences after Wednesday’s attack on our country – including the impeachment, removal, expulsion, and/or indictment of officials who aided, abetted, or incited the attack – are opening the door for it to happen again.

My 14-year-old son, Saxon, said he feels like 2021 will be a good year. I agree. Let us all make it so.

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Trump supporters try to break through a police barrier on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Julio Cortez/AP hide caption


For Some New Americans, Capitol Attack Was An Echo Of Turmoil They’d Hoped To Escape

For many Americans, this week’s attack was shocking. But for the millions of Americans born in countries with a history of political instability, the event has carried a different resonance.

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