loteria espanhola

Loteria espanhola

La Primitiva Lottery – History –

La Primitiva Lottery was began created by royal initiative to raise funds for the Spanish treasury in 1763. The lottery proper for hundred years and returned in modern times when the Organismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado reinstated La Primitiva in 1985 with the 6/49 lottery format.

La Primitiva Lottery – Rules –

The modern La Primitiva lottery format employs a single drum with a guess range of 1-49. To participate, players select 6 numbers which are randomly selected from the drum. Lottery officials will draw a seventh number, called a bonus ball, from the same lottery drum as the regular guess set. The bonus number cannot count towards the jackpot prize but creates a second place 5+1 prize.

La Primitiva Lottery – When takes place the Draw –

La Primitiva is played two times a week – Thursdays and Saturdays at 21:30 Spain time.

La Primitiva Lottery – How to Win the Jackpot –

To win the jackpot of the La Primitiva lottery, you must match 6 numbers from 1 to 49. Draws are held every Thursday and Saturday. Six of these numbers for a winning combination and the seventh number (additional number) is used to determine the second division prize. In addition, La Primitiva lottery has a special prize or “Refund”: in each drawing an eighth ball is drawn with a number between 0 and 9. All players who match this number are awarded with the Refund.

La Primitiva Lottery – Special Category –

In November 2012, La Primitiva introduced a new award category in order to win the jackpot: Special category: This new category is to match all six numbers in the combination of La Primitiva, plus “reimbursement” (6 + R).

La Primitiva Lottery – Multiple Bets –

La Primitiva offer the possibility to play Multiple Bet, for this you must select in the first column 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers.You can play 44, 7, 28, 84, 210 or 462 bets in the same ticket.

La Primitiva Lottery – Prize Breakdown –

La Primitiva Lottery – Biggest Jackpot –

La Primitiva’s biggest jackpots:

€101.000.000 in 2015

€73.000.000 in 2014

€32.000.000 in 2013

€26.000.000 in 2007

€24.920.000 in 2005

La Primitiva Lottery – Results –

La Primitiva Lottery – Spain – History, Rules, Draw Time, Results, Multiple Bets, Prize Breakdown, How to Win the Jackpot.

Spanish El Gordo de Navidad

El Gordo de Navidad is one of the largest and richest lotteries in the world with a prize pool in excess of €2 billion. The lottery, officially known as Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad or Loteria de Navidad, began in 1812 and has become an annual Spanish tradition.

Latest Result

This shows the latest 2020 result for El Gordo de Navidad

The draw process involves one ball being selected from each machine simultaneously and continues until the prize bombo is empty. The process takes hours to complete and has become a significant cultural event in Spain’s annual calendar. To add to the atmosphere and excitement, children from the San Ildefonso School in Madrid select the balls and sing the results.

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The draws, which are held in Madrid on 22nd December every year and considered a national event, differ from standard lotteries in two important aspects. Unlike other lotteries, whose draws are generally brief and completed with relatively little fanfare, El Gordo de Navidad draws take hours to complete due to the sheer number of prizes and the format is closer to a raffle than a standard lottery.

The balls are drawn from two machines, called ‘bombos’, which each hold thousands of balls. One bombo contains balls inscribed with a pre-determined number combination, while the other bombo contains balls inscribed with a prize value. Each pre-determined number is printed on numerous tickets so, when a prize is selected to correspond with the number drawn, the prize fund for that tier will be shared between all of the players whose ticket matches the number drawn.

How to Play

Tickets for El Gordo de Navidad are unlike those in other world lotteries. Instead of buying a single ticket, Navidad tickets are sold as either a full ticket, known as a ‘billete’, or a tenth of a ticket known as a ‘decimo’. Rather like a raffle, players buy pre-printed billetes, and each number can be sold as many as 180 times in what is known as a ‘series’, meaning there will be multiple billetes displaying the same number.

Prize Breakdown

The prize tiers below are per billete:

Prize Tier Prizes Available* Prize per Billete†
First Prize “El Gordo” 1 €4,000,000
Second Prize 1 €1,250,000
Third Prize 1 €500,000
Fourth Prize 2 €200,000
Fifth Prize 8 €60,000

*The number of prizes is calculated by multiplying the winning combinations drawn by the number of billetes in the series. For example, there would be 180 x €4,000,000 “El Gordo” prizes if the number of billetes in the series was 180.

†As the prize amount is per billete, the prize value is divided by the number of players participating on a billette. For example, if 10 players each had a ‘decimo’, they would receive 1/10 of the billet prize amount.

The table above shows the top 5 prize tiers but the ‘pedrea’, or ‘shower of prizes’, includes hundreds of further prizes drawn throughout the day.

El Gordo de Navidad draws frequently include a ‘variation’ which gives players additional prizes for matching the variation chosen. For example, the variation for the 2012 draw entitled the holder of any ticket number ending in 8 to claim a prize.

Other El Gordo Draws

In addition to El Gordo de Navidad, there are two further special draws which take place every year – Sorteo del Nino which is held on 6th January and the San Ildefonso draw which is held on 5th July. El Gordo de la Primitiva is a regular draw which takes place every Thursday and Saturday and offers a starting jackpot of €4 million.

Play the Spanish El Gordo de Navidad lottery for your chance to win a share of the biggest Christmas lottery prize available. ]]>