lottery wheels that work

Lottery wheels that work

Free Lottery Wheels That Work

Wheel Rank

The probability of hitting combinations in the correct position on the tickets.

The wheel rank is calculated from every possible combination within the draw which makes it the best possible way to subjectively rank wheels.

So the higher the wheel rank the higher probability of the balls falling in the correct ticket positions.

Tickets – Pool

The number of tickets and the pool of numbers used in the wheel.

Ways to win

The number of different winning combinations covered.


Balanced wheels contain the same number of each ball.


The wheel template, assign each number a new value then replace each number in the wheel with the new numbers.

Each one of the following reduced wheels cover

Guarantee to hit 3 if any 3,4,5 or 6 numbers match any of your 9 numbers.

Guarantee to hit 4 if 5 or 6 numbers match any of your 9 numbers.

95.23% Guarantee to hit 5 if 6 numbers match any of your 9 numbers.

3 Ball combos covered in 9 numbers = 84 out of 084 : 100.00%

4 Ball combos covered in 9 numbers = 85 out of 126 : 67.460%

5 Ball combos covered in 9 numbers = 39 out of 126 : 30.9524%

6 Ball combos covered in 9 numbers = 07 out of 084 : 8.33333%

Total ways to win = 215 out of a possible 420 combinations found in 6/9 : 51.19%

Look at possible combinations within 7 tickets

3 Ball combos covered = 84 out of 140 possible 3 ball combos to fit in 7 tickets 60%

4 Ball combos covered = 85 out of 105 possible 4 ball combos to fit in 7 tickets 80.95%

5 Ball combos covered = 39 out of 42 possible 5 ball combos to fit in 7 tickets 92.85%

6 Ball combos covered = 7 out of 7 possible 6 ball combos to fit in 7 tickets 100%

Total ways to win = 215 out of a possible 294 different winning combinations that can fit in 7 tickets.

Special Note

Wheel rank 1,017 is unique, this wheel has better coverage than any other 6/9 wheel.

There are a possible 73,830 pick 6 wheels that hit 3 if 3 with a pool of 9 numbers and 7 tickets.

I have analysed all 73,830 wheels to find wheel rank 1,017 is the best distributed wheel possible.

Over time this wheel will hit more numbers in the correct ticket positions than any other 6/9 wheel.

Don’t discard the other wheels found here, listed are the top 9 wheel ranks of the possible 73,830 wheels.

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Free Lottery Wheels, List of free pick 6 lottery wheels using 7 tickets

Lottery Wheel 2021

Some people win the lottery by pure luck while others have a winning system they can s wear on. If you’re a part of the second group, then you’ll be interested in the lottery wheel. Lottery wheel (also known as lottery wheeling, lottery system, or lottery wheeling system is a system used by individual players and syndicates to administer a group of possible lottery numbers across several tickets to ensure that at least one of these tickets will contain a winning combination. This simply means that lottery wheel helps ensure that you have a higher chance of winning the lottery by combining your chosen numbers across different lottery tickets to guarantee that some or all of the winning lottery numbers will be in a group.

Quick facts about lottery wheel

  • Lottery wheel helps create efficient combinations of the lottery numbers
  • It provides the most efficient coverage across multiple tickets
  • The lottery wheel is all about “combinatorics”
  • There are five types of lottery wheels
  • The lottery wheel is often used by syndicates

Lottery Wheel: How It Works

Have you ever wanted to have a better chance of winning the lottery? Or, had all the winning lottery numbers on your tickets, but they didn’t come together to give you a single prize? Well, the solution is to wheel your numbers using the lottery wheel. The lottery wheel allows you to choose a large group of lottery numbers and play scientific combinations of those numbers across different tickets to get a specific win guarantee if some or all of the winning lottery numbers are in one group.

For example, in a 5-number lottery, a lottery system with a group of 9 numbers and a “3 if 3” guarantee means that a 3-win payout is ensured when 3 of these 9 numbers are among the five numbers drawn. Lottery wheels were first used in Europe and imported to Canada and the USA in the 1970s. The term “wheeling” comes from the cyclic permutation method of construction which maps the elements of a group of numbers to all others in a cyclic fashion. It is popularly used by lottery syndicates to smoothen out the wins and can be bundled with lottery prediction software and other tools which supposedly improve the odds of winning.

Why use a lottery wheel?

The whole point of playing the lottery games is to win, and to win big! The lottery wheel gives you a better chance at this. It does this by creating number combinations that give you the most efficient coverage of the group of lottery numbers you have chosen to play. On the other hand, if you were to take this same group of numbers and create your own sets of six numbers in the same amount of combinations, you would not have the most efficient coverage of your group of numbers.

By using the lottery wheel, you can arrange your chosen lottery numbers into scientifically determined combinations that give you the highest probability of winning a prize. This guarantees one specific minimum prize if some or all of the winning numbers are in that group. For example, if your chosen numbers are between 1 to 9, the lottery wheel will divide them into three groups: A = ; and C = and construct the first ticket as AB, the second as BC and the third as CA. This way, any draw containing five of the numbers 1 through 9 will give you at least one ticket with 4 of these numbers in it.

Types of lottery wheel

There are 5 different forms of the lottery wheel, each with its own uses, advantages, and disadvantages. These include:

  • Full wheel

The full wheel lottery wheel includes all of the combinations that can be generated from the set of numbers that a player picks. This guarantees that the player wins the first-tier prize if all of the drawn numbers are within their set of numbers; it also guarantees a number of lower tier prizes even if the first-tier prize isn’t achieved. However, the full wheel becomes more expensive as the size of the set of the player’s chosen numbers grows. For example, a player who wishes to play a full wheel with 10 numbers in a 6-pick lottery game will have to play 210 combinations, while a full wheel with 15 numbers in the same lottery will require 5005 combinations!

  • Abbreviated wheel

The abbreviated wheel is an economical alternative to the Full Wheel. As its name suggests, the abbreviated wheel does not include all of the possible combinations of the chosen numbers. However, it still guarantees at least one winning ticket if some of the numbers drawn are within the player’s selection of numbers. The number of combinations on an abbreviated wheel is significantly less than the number of combinations on a full wheel on the same set of numbers. For example, the abbreviated wheel for a 6-pick lottery with 10 numbers and “4 if 4” guarantee will produce has 20 combinations while a full wheel will produce 210 combinations.

  • Filtered wheel

Filters can be used to further reduce the number of combinations in a full or abbreviated wheel. For example, you can set a filter to eliminate all odd number combinations, to balance the number of odd and even numbers within the final combination, and more. This may end up losing the guarantee of a full wheel lottery wheel but this can be minimized with the abbreviated wheel. Filters wheels can be grouped into two types: line filters and group filters, each with its own uses.

  • Key number wheel

The key number lottery wheel (or power number wheel) is a wheel in which the player sets one or more numbers (i.e. the key or power numbers) to appear in every combination of the wheel. This system can be applied to either the full wheel or the abbreviated wheel.

  • Maximized Number Arrangement (MNA)

The maximized number arrangement is a lottery wheel which aims to cover as many different winning number combinations as possible within the tickets purchased without repeating a single winning combination. It is designed to cover the maximum number of unique combinations within the tickets played to provide the player with the best possible coverage for the money spent.

Lottery Wheel 2021: Lottery wheel is an important lottery system to understand ✚ How to make use of the lottery wheel ✚ Strategies and lottery successful systems.