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Mystery Scots EuroMillions jackpot winner comes forward to collect £58m prize money

The winning EuroMillions ticket was bought somewhere in Ayrshire.

  • 12:51, 14 SEP 2020
  • Updated 13:04, 14 SEP 2020

A mystery Scots £58m lottery winner has come forward to claim their jackpot, almost six months after the draw.

The winning EuroMillions ticket was bought somewhere in Ayrshire.

The prize was technically due to expire at 11.59pm on Sunday, September 13.

But on Monday lunchtime, a Camelot spokeswoman revealed they are now arranging payment to the winner.

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The March 17 prize, a cheque for £57,869,670, was claimed at the last minute.

The bumper win has accrued interest, likely to have pushed the total up by around £400,000 to more than £58m even at today’s low interest rates.

A spokesperson from Camelot said: “We can confirm that we are currently finalising the validation of a claim made on this prize and are in the process of arranging for payment to be made to the ticket-holder.

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“Once the prize has been fully validated and paid, we’ll issue confirmation of that – but there will be no further updates before then.

“Please note that we don’t comment on the details of individual prize claims and that, unless the winner of a major National Lottery prize opts to take publicity and signs an agreement to that effect, no further information can be released about their win. “

The winning EuroMillions ticket was bought somewhere in Ayrshire.

EuroMillions Lottery winner comes forward to claim £1M

What a great early Christmas present

  • 15:48, 8 DEC 2020

One lucky North Somerset resident has claimed an amazing early Christmas present – a £1 million lottery win.

Last month Bristol Live reported a hunt had been launched for the owner of a winning Euromillions Lottery ticket, bought in the district for the draw on October 23.

And now that person has come forward to claim their prize.

Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, operator of The National Lottery, has confirmed it has received a claim for the £1,000,000 EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker prize.

EuroMillions Millionaire Maker guarantees to create a millionaire in every draw.

For every EuroMillions line played, UK players automatically receive a EuroMillions Millionaire Maker code printed on their ticket.

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The claim will now be verified before the cash will be paid.

A spokesman for Camelot said: “As with all major prizes, the claim will now go through the process of validation, which includes checks to ensure the Games Rules Terms and Conditions are adhered to and the integrity of The National Lottery is protected.

“Subject to validation the prize will then be paid at an appointment with one of Camelot’s Winners’ Advisers.”

It will be up to the ticket holder whether they want to ‘go public’ about their win.

Camelot’s Andy Carter, Senior Winners’ Advisor at The National Lottery, said: “It’s fantastic news that the lucky ticket-holder has now claimed their prize.

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“We will now focus on supporting the ticket-holder through the process.”

Across North Somerset, local retail outlets remain open for people to play and check their tickets in-store.

Those not wanting to venture out can play online at or by downloading the National Lottery app.

Playing online via the website or app means that player’s tickets are automatically checked, with winners receiving an email notification if they have won a prize.

To date, more than £42BN has been raised and distributed to National Lottery Good Causes through more than 625,000 individual grants.

With all National Lottery draws, players have 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize if they have the winning ticket.

What a great early Christmas present ]]>