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Lottery24 Is One of the Oldest Online Lottery Brands

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  • Payment options : Credit card and bank transfer
  • Customer support : Contact form, direct email, phone, live chat
  • Available languages : English, Spanish, Deutsch, French, Italian, Lithuanian
  • Trustpilot Score: n/a
  • Number of lotteries: 15
  • Mobile App: No
  • Ticket Scan: Yes

The operation registered the domain in 2000 and launched the Lottery 24 website in March 2001. This makes this brand one of the first to offer online lottery ticket scan and carrier services. The brand aims to provide its players with excellent online lotto carrier services while ensuring a safe and secure environment. Lottery24 users can make use of the syndicate options on the Lottery24 website to team up with friends and buy up to twenty tickets at once. Syndicate members split the prize’s winning equally between shares.

Lottery24 offers a quick and easy playing process. Click on any of the lottery tiles on the site, pick your lucky numbers, and complete a quick purchase process. It serves an international market as its customer service adapted in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French.


Review Aspects

I use a fixed set of review aspects so you can accurately compare between different brands. These aspects are the most important ones as they include users’ experience and trustworthiness.

Security Measures

It meats security standards of Norton safe web and Google safe browsing. Lottery24 is very safe, straightforward, and user-friendly. It is constantly improving its services. In my research, I couldn’t find any signs of fraudulent activity.

Lotteries and Software

Having two major price winners of € 180,000 and € 250,000 respectively in 2014 shows that Lottery24 is an online site that offers internationally popular lotteries. The lotteries currently offered by the Lottery24 website include EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Spanish Bonoloto, Spanish El Gordo de la Primitiva, Spanish La Primitiva, German Lotto 6/49, Italian SuperEnalotto, US Mega Millions, US Powerball, and Austrian Lotto 6/45.

There’s the option of syndicate gameplay. It is available for most of the lotteries on the site. This option is a great way to get many wins as the odds of winning any prize improve dramatically.

Mobile Platform

Lottery24 can be used on mobile phones, making it convenient, easy to use, and accessible anywhere and anytime due to its interface adapted to mobile platforms. Four additional games have been put up on their site for you to play. They are bingo, betting, poker, and a casino option. The Lottery24 site makes lottery games more seamless and easy, especially with the use of a mobile phone, tablets, and iPad.


Lottery24 offers an extra draw called the ”AT joker” draw once you choose to play any lottery at Lottery24. The ”AT joker” draw is an Austrian lottery game played twice a week. Lottery24 also offers bonus tickets.


Complete a ticket purchase with a credit card or bank transfer. If these two options are not enough, you can also use PayPal to complete a payment.
Accepted cards for deposit include Visa card, maestro card, master card, and SOFORT banking.

All the winnings which are over € 1000 are paid out by an Austrian trustee directly into the winner’s bank account within one month for EuroMillions, El Gordo, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, and lotto 6/49, while Powerball and Mega Millions winnings are transferred within two months. Smaller winnings are paid out immediately after the draw to the customer’s account as

Customer Support

the Lottery24 site has a FAQ page. The FAQ page answers many common questions such as how do I play?/pay?’/play a system ticket? And can I participate in lotteries offered from outside my country?.

You can reach customer support through these channels:

  • Contact form found on the contact us page
  • Direct email at [email protected]
  • Live chat
  • Direct phone call at +44 (0) 208 819 6309

Is Lottery24 legit or fraud?

The Lottery24 site is legal and accepted in most countries in Europe and Asia. However, different rules regarding the timing of lottery prices exist for different countries. For instance, Germany pays high prices within a four week period approximately, while Italy pays within three months.


It is safe and legal to play lottery games through the Lottery24 website as it a site where such games can be played internationally, and no known record of fraudulent activities or scam has ever been heard of. It secures your privacy with the highest standards.

Pros / Cons
  • Website was built to cater mobile users with a responsive design
  • Offers a solid selection of global lotteries
  • Cart feature for easy purchase process
  • The site is one of the first but there are few users review

Alternatives to Lottery24

Few brands operate this long. If this is something you care about, try The Lotter. If you’re looking for the best option, check out my comparison table.

If your looking for a safe online website to play the lottery with, than Lottery24 should be in your shortlist. Read my exclusive review.

Dillip Kumar Behera

Now, the site has launched his new website version is well designed and good look, now, live chat is available, payment method is good, I am from India is a account holder of this beautiful lotto playing site, found, reliable, users friendly, I will definitely recommend this beautiful site to play and win lot! Great site.

Dear Dillip Kumar Behera, we are excited to read that you appreciated our new website. Customer satisfaction is number 1 for us. We wish you luck to win the next Jackpot!

I have used their service for more years than I care to remember! I have always found them efficient, upfront, friendly and most of all, ON THE BALL! Even for small winnings I got/get an email from them confirming my win, asking whether I wanted it paid out or credited to my account with them to cover costs of future ticket purchases, which to be honest is the option I always chose! I recently made an inquiry about my credit card which I use to purchase tickets, lately every time I logged in and used the card I would get a message telling me the card had not been used in a large number of months and I had to re-enter the card details to be able to purchase ticket or transfer an amount of money into my account as a credit for future purchases, I had an electronic “discussion” with one of the very friendly online agents, “Mark”, who told me the issue had been raised by other African residents/users of the site and was being dealt with as a matter of urgency! I logged onto the site again yesterday and it appears that the issue has been resolved! It took about two weeks in total to reach finality!

Dear Robin, thank you for beeing a loyal customer of Lottery24! We are happy to know that you are well pleased about our website. Computer problems and technology issues are bound to happen, but we try to fix them as soon as possible. We hope to welcome you among the Millionaires in the future!

I have to sorta agree with the 5% commission though I think it should only be on say a threshold of $1,000 or more wins. These guys are already getting a hefty cut when you purchase tickets. It’s only when the amount gets up there that there is more work to collect winnings. Guess it would be a bit confusing if the threshold changed for each lottery.

Dear Charlie, Thank you for your review. As every other business who`s reselling a product we have to have some commission in order to make profit, and don`t forget the hefty bills of bank and legal fees we have to pay after every winning. But what is that 5% when you win the lottery jackpot right? We wish you luck!

Hi. I have been using lottery 24 for about 3 mths now. First 2 mths all was fine and they deducted the amount I indicated. Of late they are taking this amount off twice for the same lotto. Only thing they do is they change the amount slightly. Can you help and explaining why they have started doing this. Is it a scam?

Dear Nic, Maybe you subscribed the ticket for more than one draws. You can always contact our customer support team if you have any questions or need clarification with purchases. Kind regards

HI so are you saying that the is a scam. People should not purchase tickets?

Dear Steve, I can assure you that is a licenced and legal, you can find the company details on our website.
Kind regards

Hi Steve, we didn’t say it’s a scam, read the review once again. You can buy the tickets if you are fine with their fees. Daisy

I have played with for many years without experiencing any problems. Although certain things have changed since the development of their new site:
1. You no longer get a scanned copy of your ticket
2. It would appear that you no longer have access to the Millionaire Raffle. I believe that this inducement was introduced when they implemented a fairly hefty price increase? is not so lilywhite. I have used them for a while without any complaints until they moved to the new website. I registered and went though all steps required. When I bought the ticket an error message appeared indicating that the transaction did not go through. I immediately mailed them to alert them about this. But, the money went off my credit card and no Lotto tickets in sight. Up to this point, they did not even acknowledge the mail I sent and there is no other way to make contact with them. I will not use their site again!

Dear Elsa, unfortunately technical problems can happen when updating a website. We are sorry to hear that you didn`t get a prompt answer for the issue, and hope it got solved! Kind regards

Dear Elsa, we are sorry to hear about the issue, we hope it got solved at the end. Unfortunately when a website gets an update, technical errors can happen, which we try to solve as soon as possible. Wish you all the best!

I too have not read anything negative about, but I’ve never heard of anyone winning a jackpot through their website. That would be interesting to know about. Sure, I’ve won small amounts of money, and I’ve been paid out straight away. Maybe their members have never won, because otherwise surely they’d advertise it.

Dear Samtam, winning on a lottery is simply a matter of luck. Players choose themselves the numbers they want to play with. Lottery24 has no power over the results of draws. As you said, you have won yourself before on our site, so nothing is impossible. We hope you hit the Jackpot next time!

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Lottery24 Exposed — Fee Plus 5% to THEM

Lottery24 Review

Looking at, the site seems straight forward offering an online service for players to purchase lottery tickets. It’s not until you get into the nitty gritty small print that things like their fees and percentages of tickets that they take that you start to see the bottom line. I dug into researching this online lottery ticket provider to find out are they real. How good are they?

Who is Lottery24? is a lottery ticket provider for lotteries based all over the world. The copyright of their site is attributed to Prudential Investments Limited (weird but not suspicious). Their main office is located in London with operations in Cape Town (South Africa), Malaga (Spain), Milan (Italy), London (UK) and New York (US).

What is is a service that purchases tickets for seven lotteries (UK Thunderball, SuperEnaLotto, UK National Lottery, etc.) by their staff for players located anywhere in the world. The registration process to set up an account is very straightforward. After purchasing your lottery tickets online, sends you a scanned copy.

So Why Does Lottery24 Do It! is upfront about how they make their money. For each ticket you buy, Lottery 24 charges you one additional £1 that is used to cover the costs of running the website and other service fees. 1% of every prize goes straight to the syndicate manager (guess that is the person who runs the office in the respective country where the ticket is sold) while keeps an additional 4% as a service charge. Hang on – they call this person the syndicate manager. Okay, I did find it funny when they rationalized the exact percentage that keeps. They claim that they are required by the law to own a percentage of every ticket, so they have no choice but to keep this amount.

No Live Customer Service at

There is only one way to contact with questions or issues, and that is through their online form or an email address. There is no telephone number though they do provide a head office address in the UK for snail mail. I can’t imagine waiting that long for a reply, especially if I had a problem. There is a little box down the right-hand corner that says “Offline Message,” but whenever we checked, they were offline.

Their online support provides a confirmation that your request has been sent but also confirms that it could take up to 48 hours for them to respond. They do carry an auto-reply confirmation to the email address you have indicated, though it has no reference number or information regarding what you asked in the first place. I could see forgetting what I’d asked by the time I got the answer. I can see going to another website to purchase online lotteries before I got the answer!

Complaints at

These guys are either impeccable or have an excellent reputation management service working for them 24/7 because no complaints surfaced. I’ll keep digging and keep you up to date with my findings, but since there doesn’t seem to be any scam alerts or red flags.

They notify winners via email for amounts under €50,000 and by telephone for jackpots that exceed this sum, but then again, they do have a vested interest with their 5%!

The Bottom Line on Lottery24

I don’t like the fact of paying double the amount lottery tickets cost in traditional retail outlets, and I’m not thrilled with the 5% commission, but at least they don’t hide these fees. Considering the cost of getting on an airplane to go purchase a ticket, the fees and commission do look reasonable.


Scanned Copy of Tickets


Fee plus 5% to THEM

No Live Chat or Telephone

We can’t in all truth give them a thumbs up. They appear professional and legit, and they are clear about what they charge. I like that. But I would be more comfortable having other ways to talk to them if I had a problem.

Read review before registering and consider what lottery players say about it. Submit your feedback and let the world know.