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Is the Microsoft On-line Lottery a scam?

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Thank you for posting in the Microsoft Answers Feedback Forum. Just to expand on Mick’s answer, Microsoft DOES NOT have any sort of an online lottery. This is an obvious phishing scam. If you could reply with the header information from the email along with the info in the body of the email it would be helpful.

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I recently recieved an email asking for personal contact information in order to recieve my so called winnings from the Microsoft On-line Lottery. Has any one else recieve such emails. Does microsoft

‘Microsoft Online Lottery Prize’ Advance Fee Scam

This email claims that you have won 10 million dollars in the Microsoft Online Lottery Prize and should contact the paying bank for further details.

Supposedly, there is a limited time for you to claim your prize, so you should use the details provided to contact the bank directly to arrange the release of your winnings.

If you take the bait and contact the “bank” as instructed, you will be told that before you get your prize, you must first send money to cover various expenses supposedly associated with the release and transfer of the funds. You will be told that the fees must be paid in advance and can not be deducted from the prize itself.

You will also be told that if you don’t pay promptly, you will forfeit your claim to the $10 million.

If you do send money, you will then be asked to send even more money for even more imaginary expenses. This cycle will continue until you run out of money or at last realize that you are being conned.

After they have stolen as much of your money as they can, the crooks will stop all communication with you and you will no longer be able to contact them. In other words, they will simply pocket your money and disappear. You will never get any of the money back. And, of course, you will never get the promised lottery prize, which never existed in the first place.

To make matters worse, the scammers may manage to steal your identity using all of the personal and financial information they collected from you during the course of the scam.

Advance fee scams like this are very common and have been around in various forms for many years.

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Email: [Removed]
Tel: [Removed]

Write to the Bank immediately you receive this email and copy to me for record purposes as you will be expected to copy every email you receive from the bank to me for proper monitoring and avoid making contact with unauthorized persons to avoid double claim as you are also advised to keep this process to yourself to avoid a repeat of the ugly incident that happened to one of our lucky winners whose relation he confided in about the US$10,000,000.00 wining prize poisoned and filed claim on his behalf as the relative with the right to inherit his estates however, investigation conducted by Microsoft Lottery team revealed the lucky winner was poisoned for the prize amount by trusted family members hence, apply caution.

Yours faithfully
Mr. Brad Goodman
Microsoft United States Lottery promo Paying Center Claim Agent
[Address Removed]

This email claims that you have won 10 million dollars in the Microsoft Online Lottery Prize and should contact the paying bank for further details.