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The 10 Best Montana Lottery Scratch Offs This Month!

How did you pick your last Montana Lottery scratch ticket? Did you go for that flashy new game or was a certain ticket calling your name?

However you picked it, chances are you wasted your money. Sorry. It’s not your fault. No one told you there was a better way.

What if you knew which games had the best odds of winning?

Wouldn’t that be amazing? You wouldn’t be guessing which instant game to play. You’d have an advantage. Your very own lotto edge.

Keep reading because your luck is about to change.

Montana Lottery Scratch Ticket Odds

Montana Lottery scratch tickets vary from one game to the next. Not just the catchy names or ticket price either.

Each game has its own odds of winning. Those odds vary from game to game and even between similar prizes. No two instant games are the same.

Knowing these odds can give you an advantage!

Wouldn’t you want to buy games that give you the best chance of winning? Let the sucker behind you in line waste his money.

About Overall Odds

The simplest way to compare Montana Lotto scratcher odds is using the “overall odds”.

The overall odds of winning are the odds of winning ANY prize in a scratch off game.

The overall odds remain the same throughout the life of a game and are typically printed on the back of a scratch ticket.

If you want to know the best chances to win anything on your scratch off, the overall odds are the way to go.

The overall odds are available from the Montana Lottery website. If you had spare time, you could collect the overall odds on each game. Create yourself a ranked list.

Just make sure to update your list as new scratcher games come out. Let’s be real. Nobody has time for that.

Fortunately, we do the hard work for you. At least for the best Montana games!

Keep scrolling for the list of Montana Lottery scratch off games with best overall odds of winning this month.

FINALLY! A FREE ranked list of the Montana Lottery Scratch Tickets with the Best Odds of Winning! Get an edge – a Lotto Edge

This New Lottery Game Multiplies Your Chances to Win

There aren’t too many opportunities in life to get some excitement for only a buck or two.

The Montana Lottery Summer Scratch X Multiplier games are a new opportunity to do just that. I’ve been stuffing Lottery tickets in birthday cards (for adults, of course) for years. Last year, I had a friend win $200 last year on a ticket that I gave him. (I must admit, it was a bittersweet feeling when he told me that he’d won.)

In addition to the tactile awesomeness of scraping that weird etch-a-sketch material off of the glossy paper, the Summer Scratch X Multiplier games give you multiple chances to win. They start like other scratchers: Each one has a set of winning numbers and a set of player numbers. If the two match, you win!

But, the ticket price determines how much you could multiply your winnings:

  • Every $1 ticket includes a 5X multiplier
  • Every $2 ticket includes a 10X multiplier
  • Every $5 ticket includes a 20X multiplier
  • Every $10 ticket includes a 50X multiplier

I recently tried my luck right in the studio. Fingers crossed!

I didn’t win this time (and you’ll still be hearing me on the air) but I went ahead and used the Montana Lottery Player’s Club app to enter the second-chance drawings. They are hosting three for this series of games: July 27 for $10,000, Aug. 31 for $20,000 and Sept. 28 for $30,000.

Here’s the official information from the Montana Lottery:

Each ticket has a Bonus Play webcode that can be found on the front of all four Multiplier Scratch tickets and are the form of entry into the drawings. After logging into the Player’s Club, simply scan the Bonus Play webcode with your mobile app or manually enter them through our Player’s Club page. Mailed-in entries are not accepted. Each drawing is held separately. Entries for one drawing are not valid for any other drawing (meaning they don’t carry over into subsequent drawings).

Two thrills. One dollar. Great deal. Besides, could you really sleep at night knowing you may have thrown away 30 grand? Go ahead and pick up a few tickets today. Like summer, it’s only here for a limited time.

The new Montana Lottery scratcher gives you a few chances to win for as little as $1. Check out how it works! Like summer, it's only here for a limited time. ]]>