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Powerball Frequency

Presented below are the latest Powerball Frequency charts that are updated immediately following each draw. The frequencies were reset following the Powerball changes that took place on October 7th, 2015. The frequency of each main number and each Powerball are presented in a tablular form for you to easily check a number of your choosing, or in graphical form lower down to see the spread of all the numbers against each other.

Below this are three tables showing the most common Powerball numbers, the least often picked numbers and the most overdue numbers. These statistics show that its common for some numbers to go months without being chosen, so it could be wise to choose them if you think they are due to be drawn.

The latest Powerball number frequencies that are updated immediately following each draw. Includes number frequency, common pairs, common triplets, overdue numbers and other useful stats.

PowerBall Hot and Cold Numbers

The statistics below have been collected from every PowerBall draw since the game began in 2009. Find out which are the most or least popular PowerBall numbers, and see how the value of the PowerBall jackpot has trended over time.

PowerBall Hot Numbers

The numbers below have appeared more often than any other numbers in PowerBall draws. Use the information on each ball to find out how many days it has been since its last appearance, as well as how many times it has appeared overall.

PowerBall Cold Numbers

These numbers are the least commonly drawn in PowerBall. The information below covers every draw since October 2009, showing how many times each number has been drawn, as well as how long it has been since each number’s last appearance.

Most Overdue Numbers

These numbers are the ones that have not appeared in PowerBall draws for the longest amount of time. They are not the same as the cold numbers, which have been drawn the least number of times overall.

The statistics below reveal the total number of times each PowerBall number has appeared over the course of the draw’s history. You can view the numbers in a chart or a table that includes more detailed information on when each number was last drawn.

View the PowerBall Hot and Cold numbers along with other statistics including, most overdue numbers, number frequencies, jackpot trends and more.