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In honor of all the people who surprised you this year with their kindness, helpfulness, and video calls full of silly face filters when you needed them most, why not surprise them back with the gift of Holiday Scratchers?


$1 – Holiday Cheer: These festive snow globe-inspired tickets can also be used as handy gift tags. Write in your giftee’s name, and place that Scratchers ticket on their gift. Now it’s a gift on a gift, with a chance for a $1,000 upgrade!

$5 – Peppermint Payout: Drumroll, please! It’s California Lottery’s first-ever scratch ’n sniff Scratchers! You’ll never wrap a scented candle again now that you can gift this fresh, fragrant, minty ticket with the chance to win a “mint” too… a $250K payday!

$10 – Merry & Bright : There are 20 chances to win $1,000,000 on this bright little merrymaker!

$20 – 2021 Scratchers: Here’s the perfect way to celebrate the New Year – 25 chances to win, four bonus spots, and a $5,000,000 prize payout to a lucky player! Gift one to someone lucky, and gift one to yourself!


Unlike a gift card, Holiday Scratchers are a ton of fun to play AND they come with an extra chance to enter our Holiday 2nd Chance drawing! This year we’re giving away bonus prizes that range from $5,000 to $50,000. Enter non-winning Holiday Scratchers into the drawing now through January 16, 2021.

Information about the Holiday Scratchers from the California Lottery. Give the Gift of Scratchers!


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Top Prizes Remaining

This page reflects the top prizes claimed and remaining for each Scratchers game. Select the Game Name to view all prizes remaining for that game. Select Scratchers 2nd Chance to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win! After the game start, some prizes including top prizes, may have been claimed. Sort the data table using the sortable headers.

End of Game Info

Submit all non-winning tickets into 2nd Chance before the deadline to take advantage of your additional opportunity to win prizes. And make sure to claim all Scratchers game winnings before the last day to claim.

Yes. To keep things fresh, the Lottery introduces new Scratchers games to replace older ones. Replaced games are ended and you can no longer buy tickets for them. If you have non-winning tickets to ended Scratchers games, you must submit them into Scratchers ® 2nd Chance before the 2nd Chance submission deadline.

To get information about when Scratchers end and the final 2nd Chance submission dates, go to the End of Game Info tab on this page.


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