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Texas Lottery App

Download the free Texas Lottery app for iOS and Android to see the latest winning numbers in an instant. The app also allows you to check past results or generate numbers to use in upcoming draws, giving you a quick and easy way to meet all your lottery needs in the Lone Star State.

Access all the latest winning numbers and prize breakdowns for Texas Lotto, Powerball, and Mega Millions, including details about the number of winners and whether the multimillion-dollar jackpot has been won. You can also see the results for the Texas Lottery’s other games: Two Step, Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4, and All or Nothing.

Use the Texas Lottery App to view the latest winning numbers and check your ticket to see if it’s a winner.

It’s not just the latest winning numbers that are available in the app. Take advantage of all of the following features:

  • Ticket Checker – The app’s Ticket Checker will tell you in an instant if you’ve won a prize in recent draws. You can perform a Quick Check, where you check a set of numbers as a one-off, or you can add your favorite numbers to the app as a ticket to check again at a glance in the future. Keep on top of your winnings with the Ticket Checker and never miss out on a prize!
  • Number Generator – Use the Number Generator to create a line of lottery numbers to enter into upcoming draws. If you don’t like the numbers you’re given, just keep generating more until you find some that you want to play. You can also save the generated numbers to the app to check against the results after the draw.
  • Notifications – Customize your notifications and be one of the first to see the latest winning numbers. You can set notifications to be alerted when the results of a particular draw are confirmed, or when a jackpot reaches a certain amount, and more. The different options mean that you can choose to receive only the information that matters to you.
  • Archive – The app’s comprehensive results archive features the past winning numbers for all Texas Lottery games. Select the lottery of your choice and browse all of the previous results from that game, dating back to the very first draw.
  • Statistics – Access an in-depth suite of lottery statistics and dig into the trends behind the numbers. If you like to find patterns in past results you will enjoy browsing the statistics for a range of Texas Lottery games. You’ll find the most common numbers from previous draws, the least common, and much more.

The Texas Lottery App is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

The Texas Lottery App lets you access all the latest winning numbers and prize breakdowns for Texas Lotto, Powerball and Mega Millions. Now free on iOS & Android devices.

Texas Lottery Official App

In short

Texas Lottery Official App is a free app for Android made by IGT. It helps to check numbers.


This app was awesome when the barcode scanner worked

Love to scan lotto tickets

Great app for scanning tickets and reviewing winning numbers

Wow I think having this app is a great experience

Loved the barcode scan feature when I got the app

The scan feature is awesome

I use it to check my numbers and occasionally make quick picks

Very cool and useful app

The scan bar code feature is awesome

Train the retailers and it will be a GREAT app

Barcode scanner no longer works with Android 7 phone firmware

It does notfocus and I keep getting an error message

Barcode scanner is not supported in Android 7 Nougat

Barcode scanner no longer works

App crashes Everytime I try to scan the barcode

Now it won’t even scan the ticket number

Scanner doesn’t even work it keeps saying lotto has stopped working

It give odd batch numbers

It said it was no longer compatible with a s7 phone android

Can’t use it to check my tickets after android update


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Texas Lottery Official App is a free app for Android made by IGT. It helps to check numbers…